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Our best voices are those of our students and families. Listen to what they have to say about our first two years as an arts academy in KC!

The Stage Right Academy has been a great experience for both of my girls!  They have grown in self confidence as well as the importance of being a team player.  All the while growing an appreciation for the arts.  Most importantly Stage Right feels like a family they are proud to be a part of!"

Rachel C., mom

Young Professionals Program

"Stage Right is a fantastic organization! The Academy is giving my son a solid foundation in dance and voice training. His love for theater has grown exponentially since joining this group. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to these kids."

Christen S., mom

"Stage Right has offered my son the chance to develop and mature as a performer in singing, acting and dancing all while he has befriended other fabulous kids from around the city. Truly a class-act organization. There's a place for any and every child interested in the performing arts."

Nancy M., Mom

Young Professionals Program

"This is an amazing program! It has given every kid in KC a place to go if they want to be on stage--it is inclusive, creative and fun! I love to watch the growth in these kids as they age through the program--the talent is amazing!"

Lara S., Mom

Young Professionals Program

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