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2023-2024 | Young Professionals Program

2023-2024 Young Professionals Program

New Students - Young Professionals Program will open 2024-25 Company audition sign-ups in June 2024 and send out specific date sign-ups in July 2024 for those registered!

Returning Young Professionals Program will be able to re-register for the 2024-25 season in

July 2024!

If you have questions beyond the information on this website, we invite you to email to discuss your performer and how YPP might be a good fit. 

YPP Fall Plays

Join us April 27 & 28, 2024 for our

Young Professionals Program spring musicals!


General admission tickets available at the door for. Lobby/box office opens 30mins before each show.

Performances at Center High School (8715 Holmes, KCMO)

2023-24 YPP Companies!

Purple - 2023-24.png

Purple Company


Silver - 2023-24.png

Silver Company


Gold - 2023-24.png

Gold Company


A Full School Year of Arts Education
Lifelong Friendships Built with Fellow Performers 

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About YPP

The Stage Right Young Professionals Program is our premiere training program for stars looking toward theatre as a potential profession

Take the guesswork out of your child's arts education path and trust our expert instructors to prepare them for the stage. This is geared for performers who want to work on their "triple threat" skills, with an emphasis on their acting and performance skills.

If you're a parent who has a kid itching for the stage, but you don't know where to start, the Young Professionals Program is your answer to arts education. We handle the planning and you know you're  putting your student's education in the hands of qualified instructors with real world and educational experience. This is an audition-based course to ensure your student will get the full value of this program and is ready to commit to learning.




Why YPP?

​Our Program Includes...
Acting Training
Audition Technique
Personalized Coaching
Dance Training
Vocal Training
Professional Development
Interview Skills
Headshot & Resume Etiquette
Masterclasses w/ Guest Instructors
YPP Only Shows 
When available - "Field Trips" to Local Shows
...and MORE!


  • 2023-24 Year:

    • The grades eligible for YPP are 5-11, but audition exceptions may be made in certain cases - please email to discuss.

  • Companies Meet: Saturdays or Wednesdays for 1.5 hrs

  • Program Runs: Sept - Apr

  • Students Per Company: approx. 20-29

The Stage Right Young Professionals Program requires an audition and students begin the year together in September. In this school year-long course, students will have intensive class work in musical theatre dance, singing, acting, improvisation, audition technique and more. Students will also learn interviewing skills and headshot and resume etiquette that is current with industry standards. This course is taught in a conservatory style setting with a small class size to give your performer individual attention and focus on their specific goals and needs.


The Young Professionals Program is a full school year program. The first year, tuition for the program is $1,250. 

Once your YPP student has completed their first full year, Education Director Amanda may approve them for continuing education. The YPP program for returning students will be $1000/year



1. Discuss with your performer the commitment of the program. YPP specifically does rely on outside work from students including learning lines, reviewing choreography and and developing their skills beyond class time. In order for students to get the most out of this program, class attendance and memorization of materials is critical to student success so that our staff can provide the best performance feedback possible.

2. Consider trying a 5 week class if a program is already in session. Our 5 week classes are a great way to test the waters with acting.

3. Sign-Up for an audition slot (usually released in June for the following year)

4. Prepare for an exciting year!

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